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I never understood exactly how I chose the Pandeiro. I believe it was the opposite, I was chosen by it. Since then, I never could stop playing this instrument. Very soon I understood that was what I wanted to do in my life although it took me a while to believe that was actually possible. During this process sometimes painful, sometimes astonishing, always beautiful, I gathered several insights. Some of them more technical, some metaphysical I would say, but all of them focused on this little circular instrument. After playing professionally for three years, percussionists all over the world started to reach out to me and ask if I could teach them what I was doing. I realized there was a lot to be explored and very little documented.

After 25 years playing Pandeiro, this series of lessons is very important to me from all points of view, including a personal one. This is what I developed in my life (until now!) and I want to be able to share with you in the best possible way.


I decided to record all the lessons in high definition video at Studio 42 Brooklyn using three cameras including one above my head so you can understand exactly what I'm seeing. 


Please leave your questions, requests to enroll in the private lesson program or any feedback below.

I hope you like it!

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