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UNIT IV - Improvisation

In this UNIT you'll have access to effective tools that will enhance your rhythmic expressivity. We introduce three exercises that will change your perspective on how to translate your ideas into sound. A new vocalization technique for rhythm is presented here as the main element in this process.

  • Lesson 1 (18 min): Building a paradigm to understand improvisation is the first step of this lesson. We move on to understand the connection between speech and hand movement and eventually we introduce the first improvisation exercise that will allow you to start exploring freely your rhythmic ideas. 

  • Lesson 2 (13 min): In this lesson we present a new vocalization technique that allows not only Pandeiro players but all musicians to create a rhythmic flow using their voice.

  • Lesson 3 (12 min): Eventually we close this UNIT with two other effective exercises that will give you more independence to truly understand the concept of polyrhythms.

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